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   “HELLO Do Be Do”

This project is


Say “Hello”

for everyone who we can not meet in the world


Say “Hello”

to “be One” all over the world with all nationalities


Say “Hello”

 Let’s all  share “Smiles”  ”Happiness” and "Joy” together


 Say “Hello”

to help each other out


Please take “your Hello photo” and put in this page

from your room, at the park, at the office,

from the school, etc...


with your friend

with your family

with your partner

with your pet

with your smile!!!

by your self!!!


We need your “Hello” for the world for the future!

Let’s be One

 “Love” and “Peace” and “Smile”


with “HELLO”


Now it starts from London to All over the world                                        

From SUMMER 2016





by HELLO Do Be Do :)

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